Access Control Turnstile

Access control turnstile is used for security purposes. It offers a service which can help an establishment secure itself from unwanted accidents. Thus, it also works in a variety of ways. It can be used as a barricade for those people who are not part of the company, to limit the crowd in a certain place and function as barrier to restrict the place for authorized personnel only providing them with a secure place to work.

These access control turnstiles are of different kinds having different features like waist-height turnstile, full height turnstile, swing gates or modular. The waist-height turnstile could be in single or dual direction that controls access to pedestrians that are for industrial or business purposes only. The full height turnstile offers complete restriction to a certain site and single or dual direction access control of pedestrians. The swing gate, on the other hand, has the same function as the two that were mentioned, but it is the most flexible among the three because it is suitable for any interior. The modular also has the same features as the first three, but it is often used to monitor and manage the time and attendance of employees in a certain establishment. Other kinds of turnstiles can be used as a barrier in a certain road or site to stop the vehicles from having the access to the site that is limited for authorized persons only.

Technical Parameters of Access Control Turnstile

Technical Parameters of TZB-3005
Composition Housing, mechanism, control panel and power supply
Structure Frame structure/stainless steel housing
Overall Dimension 1400(length)×300(width)×980(height)(mm), customizable
Turning Direction One-way/two-way
Gate Opening Time 0.2 seconds
Power Voltage Input: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±4%; Output: DC24V, DC12V
Work Environment indoor, outdoor (anti-rain cover is suggested)
Work Temperature -10℃~60℃, Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation
Passing Speed >40 person/minute
Service Life 500 million times
Passage Width 500~600mm
Net Weight 90kg
Input Interface dry contact relay signal, 12V level or pulse width ≥12V pulse signal in 100ms
Communication Interface RS485(distance≤1200m), TCP/IP(optional)

Access Control Turnstile

Moreover, these turnstiles can be used and installed in a variety of places –malls, sports venues, museums, resorts, bus stations and others. This device could be of great help even for you as an individual to have assurance that the place where you are staying is free from people who might do things against his fellow. So, if you are planning to have a safe site to work, better include access control turnstile in your list.


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