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The airport is where travelers go to take a flight to their destinations. Different races of people are going in airports; hence security is truly important. It consists of construction and landing field used to provide a house and flight strip for airplanes. The airport has facilities and materials used for security and to avoid the illegal practice of travelers. This is also a way to protect all the passengers. The airport baggage scanner is one of the security equipment used in the airport.

In this modern society, more and more types of transportations have come into practice. Today, you can choose from any of the modes of transportation including, bus, train, car, taxi, boat, subway, plane and many others. While the modes of transportation have improved and added as well as the number of passengers so there is a need to look for safety when travelling. Large amount of people pass across airports every day. This imply possible target of crimes such as terrorism and other methods of crime due of the large number of people set in a specific place.

Technical Parameters of TSF-6550 x-ray baggage inspection system

Model TSF-6550
Luggage Channel Size 650mm (W) X 500mm (H)
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0.2±0.02m/s
Conveyor Max Load 170kg
Single Inspection Dose <1.29μGy
Line resolution diameter 0.0787mm wire
Penetration Resolution diameter 0.254 mm wire
Spatial resolution (horizontal)diameter of 1.0 mm,(vertical) diameter 1.0 mm
Penetration 38mm steel
Film Safety No influence on IS01600 film
Leakage Dose <0.27μGy/h


TSF-6550 Airport Baggage Scanner generator:

Ray Beam Direction: Bottom-illuminated
Tube Current: 0.4 ~ 1.2mA (adjustable)
Tube Voltage: 100 ~ 160 kV (adjustable)
Ray Beam Divergence Angle: 60 °
Cooling / Working periods: Sealed circulating oil/100%

TSF-6550 Airport Baggage Scanner image processing system:

X-ray Sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector (multi-energy), 24bit depth
Display: High-resolution 22-inch LCD
Color Image Display: 24-bit true color display
Edge Enhancement: object contour edges will be more clear
Super Image Enhancement: image details will be more clear
High Penetration Display: Improving image contrast in bright area, so that easy penetration area more clear.
Low Penetration Display: Improving image contrast in dark areas, so that hard penetration area more clear.
Magnifier: local amplification
Brighten / darken: increase the brightness of the image / decrease the brightness of images
Image Pull Back /Pull Front: Showing all images in front and the current image can be processed as your need.
Image Restoration: image display is back to the original state
Image Storage: Continuous work to save any images in real time and image can be processed as your need.
Multi-energy Color: organic object will display orange color, inorganic object will display blue color, the mixture will display green color.
High Energy / Low Energy: Two energy switching display
Assisted detection to drug and explosives: Typical drug,explosives and other dangerous items can be detected by the machine

TSF-6550 Airport Baggage Scanner using environment:
Operating Temperature / Humidity: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature / Humidity: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Voltage: 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3Hz
Power Consumption: 1.0KW (max)
Noise Level: <60dB

airport x-ray baggage scanner

The airport baggage scanner has the ability to detect prohibited and dangerous materials carried by passengers. The scanner is capable to analyze the density and mass of passengers' objects in their baggage. It has X-ray system that your baggage will go through first before you could pass. A conveyor belt transmit your baggage or items past on X-ray mechanism. The X-rays are similar in light and have electromagnetic rays so airport baggage scanner can access several materials.

The quality of airport baggage scanner or any other airport security system equipment is important because the safety of passengers is partly depending to it. It should not fail in operating to detect all the hazardous materials that can cause of crime. This scanner detect if the baggage carry any types of bomb which the hijackers always take with them.

A secure and safe travel is not something not to be taken seriously. In this generation, unexpected incidents commonly happen everywhere in the world and anytime particularly in the airport. The unexpected incidents can be prevented if there is security system in the airport as well as your personal safety practice. You should be aware of your surrounding at all times. The airport baggage scanner is just a help in your part yet it is responsibility of an airport ensure your safety.


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