Body Scanner Metal Detector MD-3003B1

Body Scanner Metal Detectors MD-3003B1 are made from good quality components. It has high sensitivity and good appearance and is easy to operate. It is especially applied in public places or factory, airport, frontier defence, court, prison ,stadium ,exhibition places, entertainment establishment, station or wharf, and also used in precious metal manufacturer such as jewelry, electronics, hardware, automobile factory for security checking.

 Product Feature

  1. It includes leather case, easy to carry.
  2. It has charging function, and the charging time is 4-6 hours.
  3. when the voltage is low, the indicator is off or you will sound alarms.
  4. It has high sensitivity and can detect ferrous metal or non-ferrous metals, easy to use and adjust.
  5. It adopts cycle switch to change the function of sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm.
  6. Alkaline cell can run up to 10 hours.
  7. It can detect an object as small as a paper clip.

Technical data

Model MD-3003B1 
power supply standard 9 V laminated cell
alarm mode acousto-optic synchronism
package international carton
Size of product 41 x 8.5x 4.5(cm)
Product weight 409g
size of the whole package 54.5x30x43.5(cm)
weight of the whole package gross weight:16kg net weight: 12.5KG


Body Scanner Metal Detector application


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