Classification of Turnstile Gate


Turnstile gate is a kind of gate that controls people with a barrier made of steel. It turns after the person pass, keeping the second one from gaining passage. It is made to restrict and keep people organized when entering premises. It can be accessed with the use of coin, ticket, or any form of pass. This gate can also be used to count the number of people inside a specific area and to keep track of them. This gate has many kinds and classes, including:

Waist-High Turnstiles

This turnstile can be defined from the word itself “waist-high”. Meaning, the stiles that are made to control people from a boundary is only as high as the normal human waist. A specific person that will be going to pass should insert a coin or ticket. If the right access device is used, the device will turn the stile to allow the person to pass. Nowadays, this kind of security is already being used by different establishments in order for them to secure their own businesses. This might be a good source of security however the disadvantage is people can jump over the turnstiles whenever they want. This problem leads in choosing other types of turnstile gate.

Full-Height Turnstiles

The process of this kind of turnstile gate is the same as the Waist-High Turnstile. The difference is that it is larger, bigger and taller. In a full-height turnstile, a door rotates to allow a person to pass. There are two types of Full-Height Turnstiles. First, the HEET or High Entrance/Exit Turnstiles and second is Entrance-Only Turnstiles. The difference between the two is that HEET can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise while Entrance-Only can rotate one direction only depending on the designed way of rotation.

Optical Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles is a kind of turnstile gate that is designed to secure and control access to an area. Instead of physical steel barriers, Optical Turnstiles relies and uses electronic beams or infrared beams to count patrons. These beams are comprised of program, software and other controllers. They have audible/visual interfaces to control entry. This type of turnstile gate is highly recommended and is usually part of an access control system. Its best function is when there are unauthorized persons illegally entering the area, the Optical Turnstile uses light and sounds to warn and alert others. It is also faster to use than the other two.

All the classified turnstiles gates are made to perform good quality of security. However, these turnstiles should only be used in buildings and places where security purposes are highly recommended.

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