Ground search metal detectors KE-2000

Features Of KE-2000 Ground search metal detectors

(it is also called underground wire and cable detector or underground pipe detector) .

  1. One-button automatic balance can quickly eliminate "mineralization reaction"
  2. One-button sensitivity adjustment can quickly eliminate the impact of the environment.
  3. LCD can directly display the properties of metal objects (non-ferrous metals or ferrous metals)
  4. The product is easy to use and it can recognize metal properties in real time.
  5. The product has the unique positioning function just like eagle eye.
  6. One-button memory function.

Parameters Of KE-2000 Ground search metal detectors

Transmitting frequency 7.0khz
Signal Frequency 437HZ
Weight 4KG
Maximum detection depth 3-5 m
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery

Application Of KE-2000 Ground search metal detectors

  1. Military demining:it is mainly used by demining army to detect buried mines in the battle.
  2. Detecting evidence of crime:it is mainly used by public security officers, forensics officers in procuratorate to detect suspect guilty tools such as discarded guns,knives and other blunt metal tools.
  3. Detecting treasure and exploration:it is mainly used by archaeologists and explorers to detect treasure buried on barren or deep sea.
  4. Detecting wasted metal:it is mainly used by wasted metal pickup staff to detect the wasted metal which were discarded in the projects of construction of underground pipelines, industrial relocation and transformation of old city.

Ground search metal detectors

Usage Of KE-2000 Ground search metal detectors

  • Step One: Press the "Power" button to turn on;
  • Step two: On the ground without metal objects, Press the "general detection" button, LCD displays about "balance" icon and without lingering buzzer ,then the product go into the general mode.
  • Step three: If the detector alarms, pressing the "Metal identify" button to observe that LCD screen appears "★" or "▇" .
  • Step Four: If it works at night, pressing "backlight" button to turn it off.
  • Step Five: Pressing the "Power" button for a second to turn it off after detecting.
  • Step Six: Carefully disassembling every part and put it into the box.

Specification About Panel of KE-2000 Ground search metal detectors

  1. The battery indicator: Real-time indicates the energy.
  2. Non-ferrous metal icon:Indicating the detected objects are non-ferrous.
  3. Balance icon: When you press the "general detection" or "metallic distinguish" detection mode, the icon will flash without buzzer sound.
  4.  Black metal icon: Indicating the detected objects are black metal.
  5.  Strength indication of sensitivity:the greater the signal, the more icons will indicate.
  6. The "Power" button: Clicking the button to turn it on and pressing one second to turn it off.
  7. "General Detection" button: Pressing it to switch to general detection mode.
  8.  "Metal identify" button: Pressing it to switch to metal detection mode , which can distinguish the detected objects are non-ferrous metals or ferrous metals.
  9.  "Backlight" button: Pressing this button, the LCD display as blue.
  10.  Sensitivity adjustment knob:it is used to adjust detection sensitivity and remove lingering buzzer sound.


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