Half Height Turnstile

Have you ever have commute through train? It is for sure that upon stepping to the train, you will have first to enter the station. It is also given that before you ever reached your destination, you will have to pay the transportation fee. If you need to enter your house through your door, then you need to pass through this half height turnstile to ride through the train.
What is half height turnstile?

Half height turnstile is one of the main types a pedestrian turnstile gate. You can probably see and pass through this every time you take a ride on this transportation. For its modern kind of it, you will need to insert a pass or ticket into the slot. The access will be granted after the barcode was successfully read. There is also a sensor that will determine your speed as you pass through it. This will set the electric motor corresponding to the speed. After you have successfully passed through this gate, it will automatically close for the next person to enter.


Technical Parameters of TZB-3003 
Composition Housing, mechanism, control panel and power supply
Structure Frame structure/stainless steel housing
Overall Dimension 1400(length)×300(width)×980(height)(mm), customizable
Turning Direction One-way/two-way
Gate Opening Time 0.2 seconds
Power Voltage Input: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±4%; Output: DC24V, DC12V
Work Environment indoor, outdoor (anti-rain cover is suggested)
Work Temperature -10℃~60℃, Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation
Passing Speed >40 person/minute
Service Life 500 million times
Passage Width 500~600mm
Net Weight 90kg
Input Interface dry contact relay signal, 12V level or pulse width ≥12V pulse signal in 100ms
Communication Interface RS485(distance≤1200m), TCP/IP(optional)

Knowing its styles

Half height turnstile has different styles created to accompany different purpose and even the process of entry. It comes in many variations including:
• Matching ticket box- in this style, the user will have to place the ticket in front of this gate. This will be the means for you to pass through this gate.
• Payment- this will allow entry only if you have paid fee. It may be in form of coins or you will have to convert your cash into their tokens. You will have to insert the tokens r the coins into the coin slot and there you go! You have successfully passed through the gate.
• Barcode entry- just like the ticket, you will have to pass through this gate through inserting or swiping the card into the card slot. The barcode will be electronically read and then allow you to successfully pass through the gate.

Half Height Turnstile 1


The only disadvantage of this type of gate is that there are people who will tend to jump over it just to pass. Having it in its waist-high height, this can never be ignored. But for train stations and amusement park on these days, they have their strict guards who will watch every single person to pass through it.

Having the guards and strict implementation, there will be no jump over issue to happen having this half height turnstile.


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