handheld metal detection equipment GC-1002

Introduction Of GC-1002 handheld metal detection equipment

GC-1002 handheld metal detection equipment has a unique cosmetic design.Usual metal detector has only a red LED alarm indicator,but the product is equipped with a row of colorful LED alarm indicator,which alarms with different indicator according to the size of the detected metal objects.

Features Of GC-1002 handheld metal detection equipment

  1. Streamlined Appearance:it has the features of small and exquisite,easy to carry,easy to use without adjustment.
  2. The product is a high sensitivity metal detector,it is same with brand of GARRETT and CETA in the similar products.
  3. The product is equipped with indicator that indicates the low power .when the battery power is low,the yellow lighted indicator will remind you to charge or replace battery.
  4. Saving Power:the battery with 250MA capacity can continuously work for more than 40 hours/one charge,when battery decreases to 7V from 9V, the detection distance is the same.
  5. Two Alarm Modes Are Available: LED indicator light and sound alarm or vibration alarm.
  6. The product has the features of light weight,large detection area and high speed to detect.
  7. Two Sensitivity Modes Are Available:High sensitivity or low sensitivity.
  8. The product has an external charging jack,after installing the rechargeable battery,the product can be charged directly and adequately.
  9. The product is equipped with strong shock resistance and a long service life,which is without injury when fall from the place of one meter height.

Product Parameters Of handheld metal detection equipment

Power Supply Standard 9V alkaline battery
Work Frequency Band 22KHz
Work Current <50mA
Work Temperature -5℃--+55℃
Alarm Mode visual and audible alarm indication, visual and vibration alarm
Weight 280g
Product Size 395mm(length)*68mm(width)*32mm(height)
Packing Quantity 25 pieces/per carton


Applications of GC-1002 handheld metal detection equipment

  1. Entry/exit security inspection in airport, station and wharf.
  2. Entry/exit security inspection for customhouse, public security bureau,frontier inspection station and public security departments.
  3. Detection of medicine metal objects and inspection of food business systems quality.
  4. Nails detection for timber mill,security inspection for important place and playground.
  5. Precious Metal detection,it can be applied in electronics factory, gold and sliver jewelry factory,etc.

handheld metal detection equipment

Reference Detection Distance Between Different Detected Objects And The Product

  • Pin:30-50mm
  • Tiananmen-style pistol:200mm
  • 6-inch or 7-inch dagger:250mm
  • The steel ball with 20mm diameter:120mm


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