Handheld Scanning Device GP-3003B1

Application field of Handheld Scanning Device GP-3003B1: Used for checking contraband goods in meeting places, stadium, examination hall, troops, customs, exhibition centers, and also used for checking materials in and out in large industrial enterprise such as hardware factory, Electronics Factory ,Wire and Cable factory, Jewelry Factory etc.

The product is used the most by electronics factory and Security guard. It has also been the China's greatest export detector, 45% of total detectors.

Function Feature

  1. sensitivity:It can detect metal objects that have the size of a pin(3.5 cm away from the detector)
  2. power supply:It has 9 V battery(can work more than 40 hours and fall from 9v to 7v)
  3. It has charge power supply socket.
  4. Visual and audible vibration (detecting time:0.5s/time)
  5. when battery runs out, it will automatically alarm continuously.

Technical Specification

Model GP-3003B1
Size 415*65*40mm
Weight 500g/PCS
  • Meet EN50081-1 Generic emissions standards
  • Meet EN50082-1 Generic immunity standard
  • Meet GB15210-2003 national standard
  • Pass ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification
  • PASS the EU's CE certification

Handheld Scanning Device application


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