High sensitivity walk through metal detector TC-800C

Product Features

  1.  the High sensitivity walk through metal detector is made of PVC synthetic material by special production process. It is waterproof and moistureproof.

  2. Detection area: the detection door is divided into six overlapped detection areas according to ergonomics. Each area has LED alarm indicator.Only controlled material are detected,the corresponding alarm indicator will be light and sound.

  3. The sensitivity can be adjusted freely from 0 to 100 degree. And each detection area can be adjusted to an appropriate sensitivity as per detection requirements,the highest sensitivity can detect metal objects in size of a coin.what is more, its performance is stable and little failure.

  4. Right&left balancing technology can completely eliminate the inconsistent detection result because of the uneven detection when out and in the right door and left door.

  5. The product adopts unique dynamic detection technique,when inspection person stand inside the door and it can accurately detect the site of the forbidden objects,eliminating the need for a separate hand-held detector.

  6. The detection sensitivity can be modified as needed and it can be also pre-set weight, volume, size, location of metal objects to eliminate the impact of coins, keys, jewelry,belt buckles causing false alarms.

  7. The strong Anti-interference ability:The digital,analog techniques have been applied to the product to prevent fake alarm and fake negatives. The fake alarm rate can be controlled in less than 1%.

  8. Safety protection: The High sensitivity walk through metal detector adopts dual password protection. Only authorized staff can operate it. The password can be modified as needed.

  9. Electromagnetic radiation: The product meets electromagnetic radiation standards of EMC. It is not harmful to people with a cardiac pacemaker, pregnant woman, floppy disk, film, video tape, etc.

  10. Installation and debugging: Integrated design makes it can be installed or disassembled in 20 minutes.


Technical Specification Of High sensitivity Walk Through Metal Detector


□Electric appliance refers to EN60950 safety standard

□Radiation refers to EN50081-1 standard

□Anti-interference refers to EN50082-1 standard

□GB15210-2003 National Standard

□CE certification of EU

□FCC certification of the United States

Technical Parameters



External Power Supply

215V~230V, Frequency50/60HZ

Working Environment


Working Frequency

It is Adjustable according to the installing environment.


About 95KG; Machine weight: 90KG

Boundary Dimension


Channel Sizes


Power Consumption



Dark grey























Installation  Video

Schematic plot of walking through detector

  sketch of detection                  walking through dection door

Application Of High Sensitivity Walk Through Metal Detector

application of High sensitivity walk through metal detector

Pakaging Of  Walking through detector

package of security detection door


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