Intelligent Recognition Handheld Metal Detector ARSENAL-1165180

Introduction Of ARSENAL-1165180 Intelligent Recognition Handheld Metal Detector

ARSENAL-1165180 Intelligent recognition handheld metal detector adopts advanced American Arsenal technology to ensure the functions of self-detection without adjustment when it boot,large detection area and high detection speed.

It alarms with different sound according to the size of the detected metal objects.It is a high sensitive handheld device specially designed for detecting tiny metal objects like telephone GSM card, TF memory cards, pins, razor blades, staples No. 10, chips with 8 pins,etc. It can be widely used in precious metal processing factories,electronics factories,jewelry factories and other places.

Parameters Of ARSENAL-1165180 Intelligent Recognition Handheld Metal Detector:

Product Size 415mm(length)*85mm(width)*45mm(height)
Package Size 520mm(length)*100mm(width)*50mm(height)
Work Frequency Band About 25KHz
Net Weight 400g(the battery weight is not included)
Power Supply Standard 6F22/15F8H 9V battery or rechargeable battery
Work Temperature -15℃+55℃
Power 270MW
Packing Quantity 25 pieces/per carton

Inside View

Intelligent Recognition Handheld Metal Detector inside view
Product Features Of ARSENAL-1165180 

  1.  Unique Function:it is equipped with the world's leading high sensitivity,which can detect the object as size of a piece of telephone TF memory card telephone GSM number card.
  2. Product Process: The housing is made of high-strength ABS engineering plastic to ensure the strong resistance ability and fine craftsmanship of the product, It can free-fall drop from the height of 2 meters place without damage, probe surface adopts the technology of ultrasonic involution repression.It is waterproof, dustproof, light weight, easy to carry,etc..
  3. Advanced Design Concepts: the metal detector is a "digital intelligent identification detector", using advanced Japanese original Fuji 32CPU central processor as the core circuitry to convert the digital signal.The use of LSI make the performance of the product more superior.
  4. Superior Low-power Node Function: the metal detector is equipped with 9V NiMH battery, so the product possess the advantages of low power consumption, long standby performance, low voltage sound and light alarm indication.
  5. Various Alarm Modes: a high-brightness LED indicator light alarm in various colors, sound alarm light, vibration alarm light, long sound and indicator light alarm when it is low voltage.
  6. Multi-configuration: The metal detector is easy to carry and use as it is equipped with a straight-belt holster,machine body safety protection rope, shock-proof and impact resistance design on the top , one-touch sensitivity adjustment function, plug-in charging port.

Applications of ARSENAL-1165180 

  1.  Entry/exit security inspection in airport, station and wharf.
  2.  Entry/exit security inspection for customhouse, public security bureau,frontier inspection station and public security departments.
  3.  Detection of medicine metal objects and inspection of food business systems quality.
  4. Security inspection for important place and playground.
  5.  Metal detection in electronics factory, SMT chip mounting factory and mobile phone factory. It also can be used for anti-theft of precision hardware fitting and metal detection of people getting in and out.

Intelligent Recognition Handheld Metal Detector application

Reference Detection Distance Between Different Detected Objects And The Product

  1. Pin:25-70mm
  2. TF card、staple、chips with 8 pins:10-40mm
  3. 6-inch or 7-inch dagger:200-300mm
  4. The steel ball with 20mm diameter:150mm
  5. One yuan coin:120-180mm


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