Intelligent x ray baggage scanner TXR-10080

Brief Introduction

TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner has powerful image processing system and mass storage function,If the detected object is organic,it will display orange color, inorganic object will display blue color, the mixture will display green color. Besides,the product can save more than 1 million images in real time,which can be burnt on a disc or output via USB port.

Detailed Introduction of TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner

Feature and advantage

  1. The product is especially designed for important places,such as airport, stations, embassies,government buildings,post office, judiciary, museums and so on,where should pay high attention to luggage security inspection.
  2. The product has the advantage of refined structure,compact design and superior image quality.
  3. Save more time:The product has a key shutdown mode:Just rotating the key , the machine can safely and automatically shut down,which is faster than shuting down the computer program.
  4. More safer:The product adopts emergency stop hierarchical control system.Pressing the emergency button, only part of power transmission and radiation sources will be stopped.
  5. More clear:the core components have used imported high-density modules to make sure higher-resolution, the image clearness is up to international standards.
  6. More reliable:the product has powerful waterproof function,it is no influence on the machine when little liquid fall on it.
  7. More intelligent:Instead of the traditional keyboard,when the mouse moves on the soft button,the software can intelligently identify and control the need.

Besides,the product has features of good cost performance,full matching equipments,dual LCD technology and prepared machine safeguard,it is the classic work finished by China and Germany. For the VIP users,there are two training methods,that is base training and on-site training.

Technical Parameters of TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner

Luggage Channel Size 1000mm (W) X 800mm (H)
Speed of Conveyor Belt 0.22m/s
Conveyor Max Load 200kg
Single inspection dose <0.1μGy
Leakage Dose <0.05μGy/h
It meets all of the health and safety requirements and national standards regarding to radiation equipment.
 Film Safety No influence on IS01600 film
 Resolution  diameter 0.1mm wire
 Penetration  38mm steel


Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner application

TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner generator:

Ray Beam Direction: Top-illuminated
Tube Current: 0.5mA
Tube Voltage: 100 ~ 160 kV
Ray Beam Divergence Angle: 60 °
Cooling / Working periods: Sealed circulating oil/100%

TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner image processing system:

X-ray Sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector (multi-energy),
Display: High-resolution 17-inch LCD, it is accordance with all of the requirements prescribed by MPRII and TC003 standards.
Image Storage: it can save more than 1 million images in real time and the images can be burnt on a disc or output via USB port.
Image Gray Level: 4096
High Image Resolution: 1280*1024
Image Processing: 24 bit real-time processing
Image Selection And Amplification: it can be selected 1-9 areas and amplified 2,4,8,16 times and continuously observing the full-screen.
Multi-energy Color Display: organic object will display orange color, inorganic object will display blue color, the mixture will display green color.
Black and White Image Display:different absorption rate from different objects display different gray levels and black and white color can be switched.
Image Pull Front: Showing the 20 images in front and these images can be processed in real-time.
TXR-10080 X-ray luggage security inspection machine image processing
Image alarm: If the object can not be penetrated and suspicious, the machine will alarm.
Image Brighten: the continuous multi-levels brightening can improve image contrast in hard penetration area.
Image Darken: the continuous multi-levels darkening can improving image contrast in easy penetration area.
Image Scanning: black and white image can be scanned the item of grey level,color image can be scanned the item of saturation.Also the image can be frozen and selected area can be strengthened to deal with.
Positive/Negative Image: it displays bright color if the object has high absorption rate and it is dark color if the object has low absorption rate.Besides,black and white images also have the function.
Excluding image of organic object: highlighting image of inorganic object and black and white images show organic object.
Excluding image of inorganic object: highlighting image of organic object and black and white images show inorganic object.
Covering removed continuously: Peeling object of high absorption rate layer by layer to clearly see the behind object.
Edge Enhancement: displaying clear images.
Image Enhancement: the product has the function of super image enhancement ,partial image enhancement and segmentation grey level enhancement.
Shortcuts: Users can re-define the combination functions by using it.

Other functions of TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner

  1. Self-diagnosis when it is power on.
  2. Functions display on the Menu: system input function test,system output function test, grating test,X-ray controller signal test,detector signal test,power test.
  3. Switch of Color / black and white images: display of color ,black and white image can be switched.
  4. Date and time display: the product can display the time and date
  5. Counting luggage number: the number of luggage can be counted.
  6. Emergency stop function: pressing the emergency stop button (three places), the device will stop working.
  7. Other features: network interface, image dump, automatic training and managing, automatic maintenance tips, password function to the operator , timing functions of system and X-ray emission.

TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner installation environment:

Storage Temperature / Humidity: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / 20% ~ 95%
Operating Temperature / Humidity: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Voltage: 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3Hz
Power Consumption: 1.0KW (max)
Noise Level: <62dB

Electrical Safety of TXR-10080 Intelligent  x ray baggage scanner

1.Protective grounding:
Device has a protective ground terminal for connecting the protective ground conductor.Impedance between protective ground terminal and all accessible metal parts is less than 0.1Ω.

2.Insulation resistance:
Under normal ambient conditions,Insulation resistance between power plug or power end with and metal parts in the bare shell is not less than 100MΩ,under greenhouse conditions,it is not less than 2 MΩ.

3.Dielectric strength:
The product can withstand the dielectric strength test which is specified in Table 1.Although it lasts 1 min test, the product has no breakdown or flashover.


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