Introduction of Pedestrian Turnstile Gate

Have you ever seen a Pedestrian Turnstile Gate? Unlike the common type of gate, this one has a unique characteristic that ensures safety for people and for the establishment. If you are the kind of person that is commuting through train, you are passing through this type of gate. You may not know it but certainly, you are just one of the millions of people who were passing through this for a train ride.

Knowing Turnstile Gate

Pedestrian Turnstile Gate is the type of gate that lets for one person at a time to pass. For subways and even amusement parks, it is the one that restricts passage to those people who will be paying the fee, insert a coin, pass and even entrance ticket. It is also used for the purpose of counting the number of the people who are passing through this gate.

Pedestrian Turnstile Gate
It has also 3 main types:

1. Full-height turnstiles – it is the bigger version of a turnstile gate. It is just like the revolving door which lessens the possibility for a person to just jump over without paying the fee.

2. Optical- this is the alternative type which it is being used to those locations were a barrier is unacceptable. It uses an infrared beam which recognizes a person who will attempt to enter without a valid pass. It is also used to count people who pass through it.

3. Waist-high- this is the main one that you see commonly on train stations. You will have first to insert your entry pass, coin, or a ticket to pass through it.

Why it is being used?
Just like in subway stations, Pedestrian Turnstile Gate will be the one who will count all the people that pass through this. It is also the one who will stop anyone from entering the said place. These advantages are common for amusement parks and on train stations. For business or revenue standpoint, it is an accurate one to use to count the attendance. For security purposes, it is the great one for them to stop unregistered individual or even confiscate any illegal materials to be brought inside the place. Having this type of gate, it really assures that you are safe and protected from any harm.

As you can see from those types, this type of gate has as particular job to do so. It may be for counting people, for paying the pass and even for securing the place from unauthorized person to enter. For maximum protection, you can really count on with Pedestrian Turnstile Gate.

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