09 February 2015
Treasure hunters should be thankful for having underground metal detector in helping them to find billions of money easier and faster. It serves to detect metal presence in nearby areas. It contains oscillators and produces alternating magnetic field when it detects metal. Physically, it is comprised of a handle, a…
23 January 2015
Turnstile gate is a kind of gate that controls people with a barrier made of steel. It turns after the person pass, keeping the second one from gaining passage. It is made to restrict and keep people organized when entering premises. It can be accessed with the use of coin,…
25 November 2014
Have you ever seen a Pedestrian Turnstile Gate? Unlike the common type of gate, this one has a unique characteristic that ensures safety for people and for the establishment. If you are the kind of person that is commuting through train, you are passing through this type of gate. You…
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