Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile TZB-3003

Brief Introduction

TZB-3003 Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile is suitable for the places with medium people flow and medium-security requirements of personnel access control.The concise and elegant appearance design is in accordance with the design style of modern architecture. It can be used in various places without influence on the original architectural style.

Detailed Introduction of TZB-3003 Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile

The product is suitable for places with medium flow of people and security requirement. Passing speed and security of TZB-3003 Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile is between traditional tripod turnstile series gate and high security flap barrier gate. It is cost-effective for places with medium flow of people.The concise and elegant appearance design is in accordance with the design style of modern architecture. It can be used in various places without influence on the original architectural style.Stable design of machinery and electric machine enables a stable operation.

Technical Parameters of TZB-3003 Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile

Technical Parameters of TZB-3003 
Composition Housing, mechanism, control panel and power supply
Structure Frame structure/stainless steel housing
Overall Dimension 1400(length)×300(width)×980(height)(mm), customizable
Turning Direction One-way/two-way
Gate Opening Time 0.2 seconds
Power Voltage Input: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±4%; Output: DC24V, DC12V
Work Environment indoor, outdoor (anti-rain cover is suggested)
Work Temperature -10℃~60℃, Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation
Passing Speed >40 person/minute
Service Life 500 million times
Passage Width 500~600mm
Net Weight 90kg
Input Interface dry contact relay signal, 12V level or pulse width ≥12V pulse signal in 100ms
Communication Interface RS485(distance≤1200m), TCP/IP(optional)


Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile

Features Of TZB-3003 Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile 

  1. The product is equipped with standard 304# stainless steel wire drawing board housing and preservative internal components, which ensures a long service life. The overall performance is stable.
  2. As long as power off, the swing arm will be automatically pulled back to form a barrier-free way for meeting fire protection requirement.
  3. The product is dedicated designed. The intelligent sensor makes it suitable for various high-end places which high security requirement.
  4. Two-way or one-way controlled. Humanized LED direction indicator is available.
  5. Six pairs of infrared devices or light curtains can realize the functions of anti-trailing, direction identification, anti-pinch and alarms.
  6. The swing barrier gate can be integrated with other access control units like ID card, IC card, mobile phone SIM card, bar code, fingerprint scanner, palm print scanner, face recognition, etc.
  7. Free control software and development kit can realize human-machine interactive interface and facilitate controlling and debugging. The product has a strong extensibility.
  8. The product is equipped with reliable safety protection device, alarm device and passing indicator. In an integrated access control system, TZB-3003 Intelligent Luxury Swing Barrier Gate can intelligently control and manage the passage.


Application of TZB-3003 Optical Bi-Parting Barrier turnstile

The product can be widely applied in the places as following:

  1. Workplace: commercial buildings, government agencies, etc.
  2. Science and Education Institution: colleges and universities, research institutions, kindergartens, libraries, museums, etc.
  3. Business Establishments: supermarkets, commercial buildings, hotels, banks, conference and exhibition centers, etc.
  4. Entertainment Places: gymnasiums, parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, leisure clubs, etc.
  5. Traffic Stations: bus stations, railway stations, high-speed railway station, subway stations, ferry ports, airports, etc.


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