Paddle Gate Turnstile

Turnstile or baffle gate is a type of gate that let a person passes each time. This is very helpful in limiting or controlling entry of several people. There are several forms of this gate such as paddle gate turnstile. Through it, you will be able to enforce a particular traffic arrangement (one way) among people. Furthermore, passages of people can also be limited or restricted through inserting a particular pass, coin, ticket and the likes. This type of gate is for paid gate access as well as public transport and other authorized or restricted access such as toilet barrier, office building lobby and others.

Used In Wide Variety of Setting
Turnstiles such as paddle gate turnstile can be utilized in various setting. Through the convenience and welfare given by this type of gate, you may see this in important and familiar places. This place includes transit stations (mass), amusement parks, stadiums, ski resorts, airports, office lobbies as well as casinos. These are places that can only accommodate limited numbers of people which explains the use of the paddle gate turnstile—an efficient controller on gateways.

Giving Various Solution

The existence of these gates, paddle gate turnstile, several ideal solutions in controlling people's access also emerged. Entrance and exit will be able to connect with any particular token system, paid system using coins or cards, control system and the like operating devices.


Technical Parameters of Access Control Turnstile

Technical Parameters of TZB-3005
Composition Housing, mechanism, control panel and power supply
Structure Frame structure/stainless steel housing
Overall Dimension 1400(length)×300(width)×980(height)(mm), customizable
Turning Direction One-way/two-way
Gate Opening Time 0.2 seconds
Power Voltage Input: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±4%; Output: DC24V, DC12V
Work Environment indoor, outdoor (anti-rain cover is suggested)
Work Temperature -10℃~60℃, Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation
Passing Speed >40 person/minute
Service Life 500 million times
Passage Width 500~600mm
Net Weight 90kg
Input Interface dry contact relay signal, 12V level or pulse width ≥12V pulse signal in 100ms
Communication Interface RS485(distance≤1200m), TCP/IP(optional)

Paddle Gate Turnstile


Paddle gate turnstile is made of various valuable materials. Some may be constructed with stainless steel, and mild steel. It is designed to work for long and has a quality to last wear and tear of everyday use. Through its composition and other beneficial qualities, it will be expected to serve for a very long time. Paddle gate turnstiles are installed internally and are definitely very easy to operate or use.

The main purpose of this gate is to monitor as well as control easy access on gates or doorways. When you go to a particular stadium or function hall, you will often see this kind of gate. Advance technology is applied in order to pacify everything. All of these devices are invented or discovered for the convenience of several people. Since space of a particular place or venue is only limited, the use of this gate is definitely a must. Having a high quality paddle gate turnstile will surely put things into places.


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