Retail Store Detection System RF-007

Technical Specification

working voltage: AC 50~60Hz 220V~245v

Rated Power15W

center frequency8.2MHz

scanning frequency180±1 Hz

detection rage: 1.3m~2.4m (related to the performance of tag)

Size of product160*48*6.5cm

Main material: Acrylics( synthetic quartz)


Size of package: 165*53*20cm

Main color: transparent

Packing unit: Single one per box

gross weight: 20Kg


Size of Retail Store Detection System RF-007

size of Retail Store Detection System RF-007




Detection distance(width of channel) type of tags
1.2~1.3m 4*4 soft tag
1.6m small square hard tag
2m big square hard tag

The distance mentioned above is the test result in the ideal environment(without interference).

The signal will fade out in the real environment or in the mode of multiple pillars operating together.

 RF-007 Single Channel

RF-007 Two Channels

RF-007 Multiple Channels



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