Stainless Steel Tripod Turnstile

Stainless steel tripod turnstile is an equipment that is reliable, flexible, hi-tech and easy to use.It can keep your company a safe place to work in. And it is also a great help in controlling and securing the entrance and exit of any building. There are different types of these stainless steel tripod turnstiles such as the optical turnstiles, full height turnstile, waist high turnstile and the pedestrian security gates. They all offer different features which can be suitably used in a variety of settings.

Technical Parameters of TZS-1002A Stainless Steel Tripod Turnstile

 Model  TZS-1002A 
Composition Housing, mechanism, control panel and power supply
Structure Frame structure/stainless steel housing
Overall Dimension 1200(length)×280(width)×980(height)(mm), customizable
Passage way One-way/two-way
Gate Opening Time 0.2 seconds
Anti-reverse Only allows one person to pass by one card
Power Voltage Input: AC220V±10%, Output: DC24V, DC12V
Work Environment Indoor, outdoor (anti-rain cover is suggested)
Work Temperature -10℃~60℃, Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation
Passing Speed >30 persons/minute
Passage Width 500~550mm
Net Weight 55kg
Input Interface Dry contact relay signal, 12V level or pulse width ≥12V pulse signal in 100ms
Communication Interface RS485(distance≤1200m), TCP/IP(optional



All of these models help in securing the entrance and exit in the lobby of the building making the company a secure workplace. Thus, these could also facilitate the organization of the people who get in and out of the building. Fewer attendants are needed in maintaining the order of the clients entering the edifice. Aside from this, the turnstiles offer alarms which can be used if there are anomalous things happening, thus providing the staff with precaution and allowing them to avoid any unforeseen event. They are up-to-date pieces of equipment and are helpful to men. Moreover, it also helps in maximizing the use of man-power, so the company will really have quality investment in buying this stainless steel tripod turnstile.

Finally, they could provide anyone with security. This can be efficiently used by businessmen as well as those ordinary people. No one is ever secured about his or her safety, so better find ways to have security. Thus, using these types of machines offers a lot of benefits to people when used appropriately for they all made to enhance and empower humanity. So, what are you waiting for? Use and install this device now. Be secure and be safe. Do not put your life at risk. This device can help you stay secure all the time.


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