Ultra-Deep Ground Gold Detector

Ultra-deep ground gold detector is a very useful tool to use to locate gold even the location is very far. This is the most important thing to help those people who want to have gold. Even the gold is in its very deep place, this kind of detector can easily identify its location. It will give you the best performance that you will surely enjoy in your gold hunting. This gold locator can assure you that you will never regret anything if you have this during your gold hunting activity.

The quality of ultra-deep ground gold detector is very abundant because it will give you long term services. This product can guarantee that you will have great moment while you are using this gold detector. This gold detector is very different from other kinds of mine locator because of the good quality and services that it can offer you. With that you will absolutely know that you will get benefits by using this mine detector.

Parameters of Ultra-Deep Ground Gold Detector

Model  MD-5006
Signal Frequency 6.99KHz
Audio Frequency 437Hz
Weight 2.875KG
Sensitivity 35-40cm (take the 25 cents coin as the testing sample)
Max. Detection depth 3.0-3.5m(the aluminum sheet with the size of 600mm(length)*600mm(width)*10(height) and buried on dry soil is the testing sample)
Power Supply 8 pieces of 1.5V battery
Operation method earth balance/identification
Packing Quantity 4 pieces/per carton

The good services that this ultra-deep ground gold detector can give you are the following:
• This gold detector complete up to 4000m profile capacity per day.
• This apparatus is automatically controlled by a micro PC.
• Users of this equipment can easily learn on how to make it work within 10 minutes.
• It only requires 1 to 2 persons without seeking experience to finish the training.
This metal detector will give you the best time to find gold. This is very interesting to use because it is not difficult to operate. It will only take a minute for you to perfectly make it to work. Even if you don't have any previous experience regarding on how you will make it to work the clear instructions will guide you on that matter. This mine detector can make your gold hunting adventures more fun and exciting. This gold detector is your big chance to find more gold that will make you rich and wealthy.
This gold detector will be your guide to totally find some gold that can change your life style. The best thing that it can offer to you is good service and also the great quality that it can assure you. This gold detector can make possible things to happen like even the gold is so far or the location is very deep, still this detector can locate it definitely. This mine detector is one important thing that you can use in finding some treasure and gold. This can make your life even better.

Ultra-Deep Ground Gold Detector 2Ultra-Deep Ground Gold Detector 3


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